Consideration when moving to new home

Before you move into your new home, it's necessary to know and make sure if everything is set up properly, even before house moving so as to ensure everything were to proceed smoothly. Moving in can be tedious, unpacking of luggage can even be of a chore and could possibly take days to complete the entire process. All defects must be done first prior the move in.

  • List of repairs you expected is important, considering this is likely the first time you've seen the house empty.  
  • Take some time to see every sockets and see for damage that you might be otherwise liable for.
  • Be assure that all closets are empty, no mold, damp or bad smells, and take a note in where the water, electricity and gas stopcocks are placed. 
  • Having a list of damage or concerns is very important ahead moving anything, so that you can resolve any trouble as soon as possible.
  • Whether still got defect liability
  • Move In date.
  • Type of funiture needed
  • Measurement of each funiture

The Morris Residences Master Room