Jurong Lake Master Plan development shorlisted 5 teams

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) have shorlisted 5 teams for the development of Jurong Lake District Master Plan. Local and international firms have shown much interest upon Jurong Lake District's Request for Proposal (RFP) which showed a significant rise of application from 35-multi-disciplinary teams. In reference to applications submitted, five teams were shorlisted which earned the highest score based on their ability to develop a master plan set around a High-Speed Rail (HSR) for future mixed-use urban district, unified experiences, innovation on past key projects and creativity. page2

Moving on to Stage 2, the shortlisted teams are expected to spend around 10 weeks to develop their concept of the master plan and submit the same by end of 2016. The proposal will then be evaluated by a panel of representatives coming from academia, government and industry agencies. After assessment, one of the teams will be selected as appointed consultant by January of next year. The chosen team will work with URA and concerned agencies to produce a detailed and developed master plan for Jurong Lake District. The Master Plan will be up for exhibition to draw public feedback which will be held in Q2 of 2017. Afterwards, the apppointed consultant will amend the plans for the final and detailed proposals. 

According to URA, this movement showed an important step into fulfilling Jurong Lake District's vision to become the "Disctrict of the Future" and soon-to-be second Central Business District (CBD) in Singapore.