Real Estate Ownership Through Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Equity  Real Estate Invest Trust shareholder can acquire commercial property without any squabble of  controlling it. REITS, via time-tested management teams,  buy and regulates commercial property. When you buy a share over a REIT, automatically you are considered a partial owner of the said properties and a partial partner of the existing business that run properties for revenues. REITs are coined after Mutual Funds and are marketed huge stock exchanges,   few REITS are held privately.

REITS covers a wider area of properties such as skyscrapers, hotels,  giant malls, factories and other manufacturing industries. They have the highly skilled management team.  The team’s  major role is to regulate the properties in such a way that rental income and revenues are being maximized.  Equity REITS are taxed  not parallel to the corporate taxes.

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Property management with the absence of any hassles

REITS authorizes the average shareholder to acquire a commercial real estate.  The shareholder or investor has the privilege of  enjoying the advantages of having expert real estate managers  who are productive in working for revenues and giving ease to the average landlords. A meticulously chosen management team controls marketing,  tenant management, rent collection, and  operation maintenance.  The major role of REIT  investor or shareholder is to collect annual revenues or other called it as “ dividends.”


Revenues through dividends

Through equity stocks, the management considers if they are going to release dividends or switch back  to the company to reinvest revenues.

REITS,  dispense  75 percent or more of the revenues to the investors and it is up to them on how are they going to handle their dividends.  Either they decide to reinvest it or simply buy more shares. If they prefer to use for unwinding, they can do it so.  Dividends are  constant. REITS  offers the chance of an increased dividends as the rents in goes up.

Appreciation can  be materialized via the increased amount of those properties around the trust.


Returns via Appreciation

Although you will not be able to experience the significance of price increases of equity stocks in a better market, REITs has a track of record which shows a great performance because of the stable long-term appreciation of commercial property estate.  Short-term fluctuations  both in inflation and interest rates do not really affect commercial property estate and REIT share prices though under same equity stocks. Bond investments yield fair revenues  along with its tolerable risk, however, often bond categories contains fixed values with no chance for appreciation.


Reduce Volatility and Little Correlation

REIT share values yields lower volatility compared to equity stocks.  This is due to the rental income and operating expenses which are predictable for both short and long-term.  Analysts anticipates  the efficiency of REITS  quickly than that of equity stocks because often rental income is easy to predict. Analysts are precise in terms of their predictions for the action of REITS .This somehow decreases share amount volatility.

REITS  have a lower  connection over to the performance of other  commercial property estate. This simply implies that they took different roles with that of bonds or equity stocks.

REITS are considered beneficial for portfolio diversification due to their share prices  act with little correlation to equity stocks and investment categories. If stocks prices decrease, REITS performance increases, therefore, maintaining the balance performance of your own portfolio.


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