Reconnect with your client with WAB Sender

What is WAB Sender?

WAB Sender UI


WAB Sender is a google chrome extension that allows you to Whatsapp and reconnects your existing clients with personalized name and messages in just a click away. Often, following up clients can be pretty tedious if you have quite a fair bit of clients to follow up.

Also, gone were the days where you try to mass send and spam people with a long list of contacts. The secret to Whatsapp Marketing lies in the personalizing with the name and also the message content.


Steps in sending mass personalised Whatsapp messages

  1. Update your contact in a CSV file with customized name, contact number, and messages
  2. Upload into WAB Sender
  3. Draft your message and add in custom variables
  4. Click Send and wait you Whatsapp messages send out on auto-pilot


Who is this for?

Note that this is for reconnecting software, not a spamming software for you to spam all your contacts. Number of contacts you can send to is not limited by this software but rather, limited by Whatsapp itself and also how many people actually reported you for spamming. That is why the key to successful Whatsapp Marketing lies in

  1. Quality of your contacts
  2. Content of your message
  3. Personlise message with name

This app is for you if you have a long list of existing contacts that you need to reconnect or update regarding certain products of events. Simply upload your contact, draft your Whatsapp message, sit back and see your Whatsapp sent out on auto-pilot.



This app allow you to reconnect back your client in a breeze and yet better response with personalized Whatsapp messages. Rather than spending hours having to reconnect back your client especially when you launch a new product and need to update existing clients, this app lets u reconnect them back in a breeze. For more info on how this app works, visit

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